Sunday, November 8, 2009

What am I loving today? TILT

On this November 5  2009
You!! Always, always you. <3

This week I am loving my job. I laugh everyday and my co-workers make this job fabulous!

Eddie Izzard!

Http:// fantastic music to help each day fly by. Thank you Brad who works crazy long days to make the magic happen over there.

Skype, without which my faraway friends would seem much, much farther away.

Beer Wednesday!! I love all the hugs and crazy conversations and the familiar and new faces. Every week is a surprise, you never know who is going to be there!
A special shout out to "David" who was adamant about me taking his card before I left BW last night and having lunch with me today. You drunk flatterer, you. Thanks for the laugh! Good lord I hope you and your friend got home safe...


The minivan! Don't ask I just might tell you! :D

My crazy hubby who puts up with my shenanigans as well.

Song this week? Ray Charles~ Busted Oh yeah!

What things are you loving this Thursday?
Take a second, spread the love! <3

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