Thursday, November 12, 2009

Topsy TILTy

November 12, 2009 Veterans day edition!

~This week I am loving all of those who have served or are currently serving our country's military, some of whom I am lucky enough to count among my friends.  I love that we take a moment on Veterans Day to express our gratitude.

~A sink with out any dirty dishes in it.

~Fabulous pep talks, giving and receiving.

~Crunching through leaves I don't have to pick up.

~This fantastic pic from

~Sunglasses! Super dark ones (the good kind, not the bad kind) I have pairs stashed all over the house and two extra pairs in my car. I know its no longer summertime but my eyes are so freakin sensitive to light I wear them year round, even if its raining. Love love love!

~Pumpkin cream cheese muffins mmmmm

~Baking for people, I love it I really do.

~Lisa Lichtenfels' amazing fabric sculptures but especially this one. She's a red head, duh, plus she's got sauce. You can just tell!

~The fact that my hubby doesn't mind grocery shopping, or cooking for that matter. Praise Jebus cause we'd starve to death if it was up to me.

~11 Points blog   Because top 10 lists are for cowards. Brought me lots of smiles this week.

~My amazing circle of friends who lift me up and give me the opportunity to let me lift them.

~Volbeat and the fact that by some miracle I am going to see them play in December!!!!!

~Song I am loving this week-
Had to pick a Volbeat song! This isn't my fave Volbeat song but this vid shows the size crowd they play for overseas. I am seeing them in a venue that holds like 200 people. OMFG. I'm getting SO excited!!!!

What are you loving this Thursday, my pretties??
x's and o's all around!

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