Thursday, November 19, 2009

TILT for November 19 2009

The ZOMG One week til Turkey Day Edition!

This is from Gala Darlings website, from her TILT for last week. She explains it so much better than I can:

“If you’re new, & I know a lot of you are, since the numbers keep growing, let me break it down for you! Things I Love Thursday — known colloquially as “TiLT” — is a little love letter to the universe we send out once a week. It is our way of saying THANK YOU & learning to appreciate what we have, as opposed to constantly thinking about what we lack or what we want! It’s good for the soul & one of the very best ways I know for getting out of a cranky mood. Okay, let’s go!”

~Mad Men! Best show on TV that none of you are watching. I am very sad the season is already over but they left it in such a great place with SO many possibilities! mwahahah Stupid rap lyrics. Hai-larious

~Speaking of snacks n shit: I love Goldfish crackers! Nom nom nom and Edible utensils!!!

~This wedding cake I found on cakewrecks.
Check out that piping work! Bwhahahah!

~My boys! I love coming home and seeing them at the door waiting for me. I know its cause they are hungry but they are both sweet and loving in their own ways.

~Ventolin inhalers, my life line for the last few weeks. My great grandfather was so asthmatic that he couldn't even walk in his later years. I know the pharmaceutical industry is full of money grubbing bastards but I. Am. So. Grateful. My life would be very different without these drugs.

~My Volbeat tickets! In my hand!!! Squeee!!!! I have decided that I am going to buy a brand new pair of pink Chuck Taylor's and if I should get the chance to chat with Michael Paulson I will ask him pretty-please to sign them. :) Mobes you WILL make this happen. No pressure tho :)

~The Wicked soundtrack! My friend Claires recent FB status inspired me to pull out the CD and I've been singing along with it in my car for 4 days now. Love it so!  I know from Volbeat to Wicked, I wish it made sense to me too  O.o

~My job! I have never been happier at a job in my WHOLE life and it's not just cause of the amazing pron. :)

~Post Secret I love that people have an outlet for their deepest secrets and fears. You are never alone.

~Being a support to my friends and feeling like I've made a difference. There must have been something in the air this weekend... I got lots of phone calls =/

~Michael Buble~ I love his voice! Haven't Met You Yet is on his latest album and it's the song I'm loving this week! Thank you Kat for getting me hooked on this video. Couldn't you just spread him on a cracker??

“And baby your love is gonna change me...”

What are you loving this week my friends??


KlevaBich said...

I am loving YOU! As always...

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