Thursday, December 3, 2009

Feelin SO TILTy!

What am I loving this Thursday besides you?

~Homemade turkey soup and biscuits which turned out fecking awesome if I do say so myself.

~Christmas treats! I have spent the past few weeks plotting what I am making this season. I'm getting excited!

~Music. My friend Claire is has posted about its healing and mood altering abilities and she is SO right.

~My new DS game Cate West Vanishing Files. I picked it up pretty cheap on Black Friday. I just about finished it in a day and played it til my eyes were burning.

~Palm Desert. LOVE LOVE LOVE it there. Thanksgivings there are so great.

~The sentiments on these holiday cards. I'm a big fan of the blunt honesty. They are sold out but I'm not above theft ;)

~This case from ModCloth.
The whole site is pretty cool but I love the graphic on this little pouch. We had a phone just like this growing up. I think my mom was trying to make it as uncomfortable as possible to chat for hours when I was a teenager. =)

~Beer Wednesday pics! Go to Jim's page or mine to check em out.

~I'm loving my beautiful friend Auntie Sugarbush who is celebrating her birthday this week. =-* Happy Birthday MJ!!!

~And as always, all of my amazing friends who do so much for me. <3

In honor of TILT 10 (!) the song I'm loving this week is Just a Little More Love by David Guetta which was a big inspiration for me starting TILTing in the first place.
Drug induced idealism? You bet, but if we aim for the ideal at least we are bringing ourselves a step closer to it. =)

Now what are YOU loving today, my darlings??