Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Audacity of Hope

For some reason I have been fantasizing about planting strawberries all winter long.

Today being a perfectly beautiful day I was inspired to go to OSH hoping to find some idiot proof strawberry planting kit that attracts gnomes or garden sprites who magically drop perfect plump red berries into my backyard just after twilight. Meh, no such luck.

I wandered around a bit more and found this mosaic planter that I just fell in LOVE with!! Look!!!!

I grabbed it and a bag of potting mix (I'm pretty sure its the wrong one) and a 6 pack of strawberry plants. Woot!
The tag said they like drainage so I threw some rocks in the bottom of the planter. I really have NO CLUE what I'm doing it just seemed like a good idea.
So I pinched and ruffled the roots like Ive seen people do and stuck them in my new pretty planter with my potting mix and a few random rocks. Again, this seemed like a good idea.
The planter fit three plants and I had three left. Hmmm Do I even own another pot?
I went on a hunt and found three clay pots under my kitchen sink. Isn't that where you keep them?
I brought them outside and hosed off any potential under sink crud they had on them and one of them started foaming like it was full of soap.

Evan after quite a bit of rinsing it was still foaming.
I'm sure this could be potentially harmful to my little berry plant but knowing what I have done to plants in the past this could be seen as a kind of mercy killing really.

I pushed forth and planted the rest of them in one pot each.

If you look close you can see more damn bubbles!
I bought the wrong soil, huh Nancy?

I got my little babies set up on two tables where they will get loads of sun. That tag told me to do this and I will follow where ever tag leads me.

I love this sticker on the table too.

.57 cents with of plastic? Yeah there's a pretty safe bet I won't be trusting my ass on this, but thank's for the warning anyway.

So yay! All done!! Look how sweet they look!!

Maybe I should have pulled my broom out of the shot. Its not very pretty but it gets me where I wanna go... bad dum bum I'll be here all week folks, try the veal.

If you look really close in that clump of weeds on the right you can see Buddha peeking through. I believe our yard art can best be described as 'disturbing.'

This was our kitty that Jim accidentally shot in the eye with a paintball. He has promised to make him an eye patch.

What's that? It looks like he's sitting next to a microwave?
Nonsense. Who would leave a microwave in their back yard like that? Pfft

So yeah Fingers crossed I don't kill these ones and hopefully there will be berries soon!!! I will post updates on their progress.

Happy Spring everyone!!!