Thursday, October 29, 2009

TILT for October 29, 2009

The last TILT of October!

“It's easier to learn with sex, drugs, and fucking swearing. “ Ain't that the truth?
Turbid is one of my favorites.

~I love being thought of. When people go out of their way to do stuff just for me it always catches me off guard and makes me feel amazing. Thank you Angela for posting a pic of my favorite tree this week! <3

~ My friend John who passed away 5 years ago tomorrow. I miss him dearly and he is never far from my thoughts.

I love when we can stop for a moment and see our parents as people not just as our parents. My parents were (and are) awesome!

~Pumpkin Whoopie pies (I'll post pics later), The Venture Bros!, Mason snuggling under the covers with me, putting my cold feet on Jim's warm legs (sometimes I even warn him first :-D), my *fabulous* friends and family who make me grateful everyday. Mad props to my mom for fixing my Halloween costume!

~Song I am loving this week: A classic!

Happy Halloween everyone. Play safe and spread the love! xoxo

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gretchen said...

Loved this, especially the cold feet and the yourparents page. Did you see Bob? Holee cow, that girl had Matthew McConaghy (sp?) for a freakin father!

Thanks Tee!