Sunday, July 27, 2008

Chocolate Bread Pudding

I've had extra bread for a few weeks now. Trust me, I didn't make the stuff, there are enough preservatives to keep it tasting just as good today as the day it was bought, however good that is.

Have no fear, this will be awesome!
I've also had a bag of chocolate chips taunting me for a few days now, begging to be made into something yummy.
Traditionally people put fruit, dried or otherwise in their bread puddings but I'm pretty sure I'm not breaking any ground here when I decided to work with what I had and make a chocolate bread pudding.

I made a few modifications to the traditional New Orleans style BP in my Joy of Cooking book. Namely omitting the raisins and cinnamon. I also didn't "gently tuck the raisins in between the arranged slices of bread in my prepared pan". WHATever.
I cut the bread in cubes sprinkled the chips and called it good.

Its going to be SOAKED with creamy, eggy goodness soon anyway and will be unrecognizable. And Martha Stuart I aint. Mostly cause I just used the word 'aint'.

I just happened to use organic brown eggs in this. Again I'm no Martha, they had a special at Costco. Plus that bitch has her own hens.

The other significant modification was the addition of one heaping tablespoon of cocoa powder which I added to the frothy milk and eggs with the sugar. It whisked in beautifully and it looked and smelled like very rich chocolate milk.
My house smelled like I was making a chocolate cake. nom nom nom

While it was baking I made my version of the whiskey sauce. I made mine with Kahlua. mmm Kahlua...

Kahlua and some extra milk? Don't mind if I do...

The sauce mixed up nicely, it smelled super boozy so I added a bit more butter and cooked it down for an extra minute.

The finished sauce, nice and thick and TASTY!

It came out of the oven hot and gooey and puffy.

SOOOO Good! Its like an over moist chocolate cake with a few chips and the sauce turned out amazing. Let me know and I will post the recipe here as well.