Thursday, October 15, 2009


 ~Things I Love Thursday  for October 15 2009~

~A graphic designers revenge on Barbie. Note the Chinese take out box and the cankles.

~The Hansen Writing ball!
Invented by a DANE, bitches!! How cool is this thing??? and all the fabulous music they play.

~Song I am loving this week:
Nataly Dawns version of Joni Mitchel's River.

~Who ever helped create/develop the Ventolin inhaler, a big wet kiss on the mouth for those guys this week. *wheeeeeeze*

~Cupcake jammies, snuggling under blankets at night and my delicious, delicious bed! Most of you know how I feel about my bed ;)

~Celebrating the marriage of good friends. Congrats Dan and Amber!!

~My amazing, amazing friends who each bring something different and special to my life and who make me thankful for every moment.

~My sisters laugh. She's easier to make laugh than Chrissy (HA!) but making her laugh is truly one of my greatest joys.

Who, what, when, how are you loving this week?? Nevermind, maybe just the first two ;-D

If you have a minute, spread the love... we could all use a little more <3


KlevaBich said...

I'm loving YOU, that's what I'm loving! *big squeezy hugs*

gretchen said...

I love this, and I love that you are always finding me new artists doing Joni Mitchell songs. <3

Brad MartiniMan said...

Thanks for including - we love playing this music and it's nice to know you love listening to it!

Brad "Martini" Chambers

Amber and Dan said...

I got all teary-eyed about how you love to make Trish laugh. :P I wish I had a sister!